Soap 25 Gms
Do you run a B&B or Guesthouse? Do you need Guest Soap? Our Soaps are Triple milled blending and refining manufacturing process, to provide a silky smooth texture, with moisturizing agents and butters that cleanse while keeping the skin nourished.The soap is rich...
Shower Gel 30Ml
Hotel shower gel tube – easiest to use container. The Sense hotel shower gel tube offers a feeling of cleanliness and freshness because of its natural peach fragrance, transforming your shower into an invigorating and energizing experience. This bottle is...
Body Lotion 30ML
Hotel Body Lotion tube – easiest to use container. A deeply replenishing creamy lotion which literally rescues dry skin. Intensively moisturizing and soothing. Balmy - has the pleasing fragrance that is mild, pleasant, gentle, soft and not pungent at all. Seduces all the senses.
Shampoo 30 ML
The hotel shampoo bottle is practical and easy to use, making it an excellent choice ! This shampoo bottle is the best option for hotel owners that want to impress their customers through cleanliness and simplicity. With a discreet and...
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Conditioner 30Ml
Hotel Conditioner tube – easiest to use container. Help your hair reach its true, radiant potential with H&B's colour-safe conditioner. Specially formulated with botanical extracts of meadowfoam, nourishing Kalahari melon seed oil, blue seakale and shine-boosting apple and orange extracts, Liz...
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Shower Cap
The shower cap  is a necessary accessory for any home or hotel bathroom. The H&B shower cap for hotels has a 43 cm diameter and is wrapped in a waterproof, oil-proof, dust-proof clean waxed paper, which is biodegradable. H&B shower cap...
Open Toe Terry Slippers
A comfortable disposable closed toe terry slipper ideal for lounging around in a hotel room. Made from 100% cotton knitted terry.  Kick back and relax with the vibrant stand-out pieces that add a finishing touch. It makes the most of comfortable...
Closed Toe Terry Slippers
A comfortable disposable closed toe terry slipper ideal for lounging around in a hotel room. Made from 100% cotton knitted terry. They effortlessly slip-on with durable rubber soles and come lined in a cosy sheepskin that will keep your feet warm on...
Sanitary Bags
Sanitary bags are an important component within guest rooms as it allows guests to discard of certain personal hygiene items in a separate receptacle. Providing these bags will show guests that you care. Not all items should be thrown into...
Vanity Kit
This Kit includes; 2 Pieces of Cotton Buds 2 Pieces of Cotton Pads 1 Nail File The hotel owners’ desire to provide their guests with all the comfort translates into a great attention to details. Anyone will enjoy using the...
Dental Kit (Brush & Tooth Paste)
Our Dental kit is a classy and modern accessories line that will give the hotel bathroom a beautiful final touch. The Dental Kit contains a toothbrush and a toothpaste tube 10 g. The accessories are presented in beautiful white carton...
H&B Sewing Kit
Because no hotel can do without this accessory, we offer you this sewing kit for hotels at the most affordable price on the market. It contains: thread of 3 colors, a sewing needle, two buttons and a safety pin. The...
Shaving Kit ( Razor +10g Shaving Cream)
Hotel shaving set. Our Shaving Kit contains Stainless steel Blades and a 10 ml shaving cream. The H&B shaving set is a small investment for the hotel but it is very useful and has a great impact on the guests. The Sense hotel...
Shoe Shine Sponge
The shoe Sponge is a fast, clean and affordable version of the shoe sponge. This H&B shoe shine sponge is soaked in silicone to clean efficiently and shine any type of shoe, no matter the color. The shoe shine napkins are designed specifically...
This comb for hotels is made for hotel owners that want to offer a complete set of accessories to their customers. The Sense comb for hotels is made from a durable plastic material. The comb detangles wet and dry hair...
Plastic Shoe Shine Horn
This hotel shoe horn is made from a durable, white plastic. A small help, practical for all tourists. The product features are as follows: Longer life Precise Excellent finish Superb design Fine quality It is wrapped in a clear plastic...
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